The journey...


As a little girl living in London I can remember my mother and her sister, my aunt creating beautiful pieces of embroidery using an embroidery machine. They had both completed a seven year apprenticeship and the machine was of course nothing like we use now, it was primitive in fact with a handle underneath which they had to continually use to keep the machine operating. It was this handle that guided the hundreds and thousands of stitches. Wrapped parcels would arrive at our house from the manufacturers filled with cut out patterns of fabric ready to be embroidered. They would work late into the night until the completed pieces were then sent elsewhere to be sewn together and the garments sold in the department stores. I can still see the delicate tissue paper they used underneath each piece during the embroidery process (known as a stabiliser) and the coloured silks which brought the designs to life. We moved out of London for a number of years during my childhood and my mother did not continue with her work, nor did she take the machine or any of the other items with her. 


It was not until many years later when walking past a sewing shop, with a partially embroidered piece in the window that it piqued my nostalgia and interest again. I have always had a passion for interiors and creating items for my home. 

Today, I run a small family business based in Wanstead, East London specialising in embroidered homeware and gifts for all occasions some of which can also be personalised.

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